Why I’m Against All War

War dehumanizes all participants.  War profits the few but hurts and kills many. War creates homelessness.  War creates refugees.  War kills innocent civilians.  Contrary what we are told, war creates terrorism War (and the preparation for war) robs us from dealing with human needs…education, poverty, homelessness, healthcare, social justice, clean water, healthy food, sustainable economy, … Read more


Note- I wrote this as part of a discussion in my town on the issue of wearing a mask while walking or running on town trails and sidewalks during the COVID pandemic. I thought I would share with you for your consideration. I’m a regular runner on the trail. You may have seen me out … Read more

Emergency Response

I’m neither a doctor nor a politician. But I am a former Incident Commander, trained in the Incident Command System pioneered by fire fighters in Southern California in the 1960’s. The reason they created this system was a realization that weaknesses in emergency management were often due to: Lack of accountability, including unclear chain of … Read more

Coming Together

Walking alone In the dark The full moon lights the way Out there on the path Movement Something in the distance Do I need to worry? Fight or flight system kicks in Breathing and heart rate quicken Eyes and mind focus Can it hurt me? Fear Evaluate situation We get closer Is it human or … Read more


The sun rises eyes open the market opens too a worker stocks shelves with corn, tomatoes, and onions preparing for the day a mother makes breakfast her little girl washes her face and dresses for school she eats breakfast while watching cartoons on television  good bye kisses and hugs are shared there is work, school, … Read more


I wrote the following letter to a friend whose 30 year old son passed away suddenly early this year. She reached out to me asking for my advice. I thought I would share it with the hope that it may provide some comfort to others as well. My thoughts have been with you often since … Read more


As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us turn our thoughts to love. I’ve been thinking about how love evolves over the course of our lives. At first we “love” ourself. We are focused on our own satisfaction and happiness. No one else matters. We want to be fed or changed or comforted now regardless of … Read more

Non-Violent Views

The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war. Douglas MacArthur The war… was an unnecessary condition of affairs, and might have been avoided if forbearance and wisdom had been practiced on both sides. Robert E. Lee People never … Read more

PEACE & war

There would be less war if…. There would be less war if political and military leaders were required to fight on the front There would be less war if battles weren’t fought in places that are distant from most of us There would be less war if political leaders and the media didn’t demonize or … Read more

Serengeti Paparazzi

Here’s a conversation I recently overheard while on safari in the Serengeti. Lion wife- Honey, I’m going out to pick up some dinner for us. Do you feel like anything special tonight? Lion husband- Well, since you asked, I have had a hankering for that lovely warthog that you used to make. My mouth is … Read more

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