Bon Voyage!

I head out tomorrow for my 6 week or so adventure to India, Bhutan, and Nepal. Some friends have said they were interested in hearing from me so I thought I would try to blog while away. I was going to journal anyway, so the blog, at least as I currently imagine it, will just be the Reader’s Digest version (I’m dating myself) of my writing. And besides, the cost of calling and texting from these places is CRAZY! Not sure how often I’ll add posts, I will play it by ear. It will also depend on wifi connections, electricity supply, and technological cooperation…as well as the nut behind the wheel.

Bon Voyage (literally Good Journey) seems to be a phrase we reserve for a trip and I really appreciate all the warm wishes I’ve received while preparing for this one. These days I’m thinking of the term “Good Journey” in the larger context of my life. We are all on a journey regardless of whether or not we are heading out to exotic lands. It’s a journey of learning, a journey of growth, a journey of becoming and, a journey to work on perfecting our ability to love.

We are all “works in progress” and if we pay attention to what life is willing to teach us, we will get the lessons we need and continue our progress toward love. For me, that means growing in patience, reducing judgment, accepting life and people as they are, increasing compassion, trusting more, and increasing in gratitude for all the blessings in my life.

I was fortunate to have role models in my life who I feel embodied these qualities. One of them was “Grams”, my dad’s mom, who was a person who looked for the good in people and situations. She accepted her life as it was, right up to and including her death. She had a faith that could move mountains.  She lit up a room when she entered, she made people feel good,  and she had a super positive energy and shared it freely with others. In short, one of the most loving people I’ve known.

Now, of course,  Grams was not perfect. She was a super slow eater which is a huge negative in my family of chow hounds but that’s about all the dirt I have on her!

I believe Grams had a Bon Voyage. She made the most of her 96 years on this earth by loving greatly. Let’s all work on making our lives a good journey regardless of where we happen to find ourselves.


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2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage!”

  1. 1. I assume you got your iphone 6 unlocked and ready to use a local SIM card when you are on the road? That would be much cheaper. Takes a quick call to Verizon and just telling them you will be traveling.
    2. How about using snapchat or something like that to show us interesting pictures as you move along?

  2. Already I am impressed. You write very well and I appreciate your sentiments.
    You will have an amazing experience. My African safari is still one of the high points of my life. It is not just another trip to Paris. 😉

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