The Bhutan Wrap Up

Although this is a more statistical, factual account of my 18 days in Bhutan, I think it will give you a sense for the country and the trip through it. Over my time in Bhutan I: Stayed in 10 hotels toured 20 temples toured 10 dzongs (in my opinion, you’ve seen one dzong, you’ve seen … Read more

Now That’s Entertainment?

Almost since I arrived in Bhutan, my guide, Chencho has been asking about my interest in going out one night to what he referred to as an “Entertainment Center”. When I asked him what went on at a Bhutanese Entertainment Center, he typcially responded vaguely that women dance, you give them money and you drink … Read more

Hiking in Bhutan

I had a picture, albeit vague, of what my 18 days in Bhutan would be like and now that I’m here for about a week, I’d like to try to paint a picture for you of the experience thus far. With the exception of the travel days where we are driving to the next “city”, … Read more

Thanks in Giving

Thanksgiving day is the day we set aside for giving thanks. I think gratitude and acceptance are two of the most important attitudes for a happy life. I have a lot to be thankful for. A wonderful family, great friends, a wonderful 33 year career at Con Edison working with a terrific bunch of dedicated … Read more

Pass the fig leaves, Eve

I intend this post to serve as a post script to the post on sharing. Based on that post, I pictured my friends rushing to the phone to call their travel agent and booking their next vacation to India immediately. Who wouldn’t want to go to a place where people are so friendly and welcoming and … Read more