Serengeti Paparazzi

Here’s a conversation I recently overheard while on safari in the Serengeti. Lion wife- Honey, I’m going out to pick up some dinner for us. Do you feel like anything special tonight? Lion husband- Well, since you asked, I have had a hankering for that lovely warthog that you used to make. My mouth is … Read more

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Blue ice crying in the rain

One of the things I am is an engineer. Not exactly sure how that came to be, but I have a degree with my name on it for proof. I really don’t have a passion for engineering. Never did. If I had to provide a one word explanation as to how I came to be … Read more

Let it Snow!

I shoveled my driveway today. I don’t think you had to sit down upon receiving this news because I would guess the majority of Americans (at least the ones that live in the northern climes) routinely perform this ritual after every snowfall. I would also guess that a fairly large portion of these folks have … Read more

Reading List

Here’s a list of the books I read during my recent travels. Common theme seems to be journeys. 1) A Walk in the Woods- Bill Bryson- My friend Paul recommended this book about a 40 something guy who decides to hike the Appalachian Trail from end to end (Georgia to Maine). I thought the book … Read more

Signs and Messages

These are random signs and messages I saw along the way during my travels. I don’t think they need explanation so I’ll just leave it to pictures except for picture of guy with 4 women…he’s the 4th king of Bhutan and they are his 4 wives. He will be 60 this year. His son, the … Read more

Now That’s Entertainment?

Almost since I arrived in Bhutan, my guide, Chencho has been asking about my interest in going out one night to what he referred to as an “Entertainment Center”. When I asked him what went on at a Bhutanese Entertainment Center, he typcially responded vaguely that women dance, you give them money and you drink … Read more