It’s a Love Without End, Amen

Some Words About My Dad On Father’s Day When I think of my dad Even though he left this world 10 years ago Warm, loving feelings run through me and I smile  I’m glad he was my Dad  He was a man of simple pleasures He loved a Jersey shore vacation, a sausage and pepper … Read more


Note- I wrote this as part of a discussion in my town on the issue of wearing a mask while walking or running on town trails and sidewalks during the COVID pandemic. I thought I would share with you for your consideration. I’m a regular runner on the trail. You may have seen me out … Read more

Coming Together

Walking alone In the dark The full moon lights the way Out there on the path Movement Something in the distance Do I need to worry? Fight or flight system kicks in Breathing and heart rate quicken Eyes and mind focus Can it hurt me? Fear Evaluate situation We get closer Is it human or … Read more


I wrote the following letter to a friend whose 30 year old son passed away suddenly early this year. She reached out to me asking for my advice. I thought I would share it with the hope that it may provide some comfort to others as well. My thoughts have been with you often since … Read more


As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us turn our thoughts to love. I’ve been thinking about how love evolves over the course of our lives. At first we “love” ourself. We are focused on our own satisfaction and happiness. No one else matters. We want to be fed or changed or comforted now regardless of … Read more

Yin & Yang

Life asked death, why do people love me but hate you? Death responded, because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth. My last blog entry was about sleep. This one is about another kind of sleep…the permanent kind. When I am surrounded by the safety of my home and blanketed by … Read more

Independence Day

It’s fourth of July weekend, a time when Americans remember and celebrate gaining our independence from the British Empire and our 240 year journey to create a more perfect union. This got me thinking about independence and about our freedom. The obvious aspects of freedom that we appreciate (and perhaps sometimes take for granted) include … Read more

Old Faithful?

My most recent trip brought me out west to Wyoming, Montana and (through) Idaho, my first time to these states. The primary purpose of the trip was to run in my first destination races, namely, the Tetons (6/4) and Yellowstone (6/11) half marathons. I filled in the time between races with visits to 3 of … Read more