Emergency Response

I’m neither a doctor nor a politician. But I am a former Incident Commander, trained in the Incident Command System pioneered by fire fighters in Southern California in the 1960’s. The reason they created this system was a realization that weaknesses in emergency management were often due to: Lack of accountability, including unclear chain of … Read more

Bon Voyage!

I head out tomorrow for my 6 week or so adventure to India, Bhutan, and Nepal. Some friends have said they were interested in hearing from me so I thought I would try to blog while away. I was going to journal anyway, so the blog, at least as I currently imagine it, will just be … Read more

88, 44, 11

I am fascinated by numbers. This hasn’t always been the case. Can’t say I ever really enjoyed math in school. Despite that, I chose to be an engineer. Perhaps I can explain that in a future post. I have actually met people who enjoy math, but I am not among them. I have grown very … Read more