A Whale of a Tale!

Prior to the last big trip I took to India, Bhutan and Nepal, I went to see my travel doctor to get the requisite shots and prescriptions. Dr. Cooper is very thorough and also very conservative. In addition to the medications, Doc gave me strict orders not to pet anything, regardless of how cute it may … Read more

Masters of Ceremony

I have been back in the States since Monday, jet-lagged and adjusting to the weather and the fact that I now have to squeeze a bunch of Christmas preparation into the next couple of weeks. Glad to be back though! The trip was wonderful and unforgettable. I feel compelled to share some additional thoughts on … Read more

The Bhutan Wrap Up

Although this is a more statistical, factual account of my 18 days in Bhutan, I think it will give you a sense for the country and the trip through it. Over my time in Bhutan I: Stayed in 10 hotels toured 20 temples toured 10 dzongs (in my opinion, you’ve seen one dzong, you’ve seen … Read more

Now That’s Entertainment?

Almost since I arrived in Bhutan, my guide, Chencho has been asking about my interest in going out one night to what he referred to as an “Entertainment Center”. When I asked him what went on at a Bhutanese Entertainment Center, he typcially responded vaguely that women dance, you give them money and you drink … Read more

Hiking in Bhutan

I had a picture, albeit vague, of what my 18 days in Bhutan would be like and now that I’m here for about a week, I’d like to try to paint a picture for you of the experience thus far. With the exception of the travel days where we are driving to the next “city”, … Read more

Thanks in Giving

Thanksgiving day is the day we set aside for giving thanks. I think gratitude and acceptance are two of the most important attitudes for a happy life. I have a lot to be thankful for. A wonderful family, great friends, a wonderful 33 year career at Con Edison working with a terrific bunch of dedicated … Read more