Coming Together

Walking alone

In the dark

The full moon lights the way

Out there on the path


Something in the distance

Do I need to worry?

Fight or flight system kicks in

Breathing and heart rate quicken

Eyes and mind focus

Can it hurt me?


Evaluate situation

We get closer

Is it human or animal?

It’s human, definitely human

Man or women?

Adult or child?

Still on guard 

Assessing size, shape, height, weight

Any menacing motions? 

Trying to decipher intentions

closer still

It’s a man, definitely a man  

Where are his hands? Any weapons? Is his gait aggressive? Is he young or old?


It looks like a middle aged man

Looks unarmed

Seems benign 

Feeling more safe

Defense mechanisms relax a bit

Breathe a little easier 


Is he competition?


Is he healthier, wealthier, better dressed, better looking than I am? 

Am I less than? 

Closer still

Same height, more or less

Same weight, more or less

Same health, more or less

My envy, jealousy, and insecurity can lower their collective voices in my head

For now

Closer yet

I can see some facial features…shape of eyes, hue of skin, lines on face, color of hair


Is he worried, concerned, fearful, hurt, angry, content, happy, or sad?

Just another person taking a stroll alone at night 

Like me

Right here

I realize we are the same