It’s a Love Without End, Amen

Some Words About My Dad On Father’s Day

When I think of my dad

Even though he left this world 10 years ago

Warm, loving feelings run through me and I smile 

I’m glad he was my Dad 

He was a man of simple pleasures

He loved a Jersey shore vacation, a sausage and pepper wedge on the boardwalk, fishing, crabbing, almond joys, cookouts, garden tomatoes, ice cream, and potato chips

He enjoyed a cold beer and a cheap cigar 

He loved horses and enjoyed watching them speed around a track

He didn’t have a pretentious bone in his body

He almost never missed a day of work in 40 years

He loved playing baseball as a kid, he loved the Yankees his whole life

He was a pitcher in his youth 

I became a pitcher when it was time to choose a position

He was a righty, I was a lefty

Maybe that’s why I couldn’t understand him for a while

We seemed to be on different pages

Maybe different books

I judged him, I was angry with him, I was not gracious towards him 

I moved out, still angry

I had kids of my own 

I got to walk a few steps in his fatherly shoes

I learned about what it took to be a dad (I’m still learning) 

I understood more, I became more humble 

And we came together again

If you make enough left turns, you end up where you started

I realized how much he loved me

And that he always did his best

I became less judgmental and more accepting

As he was towards me (even when I was judging him) 

No one could make me laugh like he did

He had a self deprecating humor 

And the ability to see life’s follies 

His laugh would make me laugh  

Sometimes he would get annoyed at life’s little inconveniences 

Yet he was amazing in a crisis 

Solid as a rock

He would do anything he could to help

And throughout our time together

He loved my mom

He loved his 3 kids

He loved his grandkids

He loved his mom and dad

He loved his sister, his brother-in-law, and his nephews

He loved his extended family

I love him more than ever

I’m glad I told him so before he died 

And he told me he loved me

But I already knew that

Not because he said it all the time

Because he showed it to me every time