Yin & Yang

Life asked death, why do people love me but hate you? Death responded, because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth. My last blog entry was about sleep. This one is about another kind of sleep…the permanent kind. When I am surrounded by the safety of my home and blanketed by … Read more

Independence Day

It’s fourth of July weekend, a time when Americans remember and celebrate gaining our independence from the British Empire and our 240 year journey to create a more perfect union. This got me thinking about independence and about our freedom. The obvious aspects of freedom that we appreciate (and perhaps sometimes take for granted) include … Read more

Old Faithful?

My most recent trip brought me out west to Wyoming, Montana and (through) Idaho, my first time to these states. The primary purpose of the trip was to run in my first destination races, namely, the Tetons (6/4) and Yellowstone (6/11) half marathons. I filled in the time between races with visits to 3 of … Read more

A Whale of a Tale!

Prior to the last big trip I took to India, Bhutan and Nepal, I went to see my travel doctor to get the requisite shots and prescriptions. Dr. Cooper is very thorough and also very conservative. In addition to the medications, Doc gave me strict orders not to pet anything, regardless of how cute it may … Read more

Blue ice crying in the rain

One of the things I am is an engineer. Not exactly sure how that came to be, but I have a degree with my name on it for proof. I really don’t have a passion for engineering. Never did. If I had to provide a one word explanation as to how I came to be … Read more

Let it Snow!

I shoveled my driveway today. I don’t think you had to sit down upon receiving this news because I would guess the majority of Americans (at least the ones that live in the northern climes) routinely perform this ritual after every snowfall. I would also guess that a fairly large portion of these folks have … Read more

Reading List

Here’s a list of the books I read during my recent travels. Common theme seems to be journeys. 1) A Walk in the Woods- Bill Bryson- My friend Paul recommended this book about a 40 something guy who decides to hike the Appalachian Trail from end to end (Georgia to Maine). I thought the book … Read more

Signs and Messages

These are random signs and messages I saw along the way during my travels. I don’t think they need explanation so I’ll just leave it to pictures except for picture of guy with 4 women…he’s the 4th king of Bhutan and they are his 4 wives. He will be 60 this year. His son, the … Read more

Masters of Ceremony

I have been back in the States since Monday, jet-lagged and adjusting to the weather and the fact that I now have to squeeze a bunch of Christmas preparation into the next couple of weeks. Glad to be back though! The trip was wonderful and unforgettable. I feel compelled to share some additional thoughts on … Read more