Safe Passage

We ask our government to keep us safe.

Since our founding, this has meant keeping us safe from foreign adversaries.

Our government has been battling foreign “adversaries” ever since. 

Most of these battles have not been for the protection of its citizens.

Most of these battles have been for resources, land, or ideology.

It is time to reevaluate. 

Are other nations causing us harm or jeopardizing our safety?

Is it not pandemics and health issues that kill us?

Is it not climate crises, in its many forms, that threatens us?

Is it not war, with all its associated evils including the ultimate evil, escalation; either deliberately or inadvertently; to nuclear Armageddon that puts us at risk?   

These are our current adversaries. 

Not foreign per se, more like consequences of our own actions. 

These are the existential threats facing us.

These adversaries threaten all people, all nations, all species.

Doesn’t our government have an obligation to use its energy and resources to address the greatest threats to the people they have sworn to protect? Don’t all governments have the same obligation to their people? 

We have been locked in an old paradigm. 

Constantly battling for primacy is a fool’s errand if all that is left is hell on earth. 

The paradigm must shift. 

Imperialism and colonialism mindsets must end.

Fighting over resources, land, and ideology must end.

Might does not make right. 

Zero sum games must end. 

No more winners and losers.

Playing these old games will result in all of us losing.


We can only address these global issues together.

No one nation can do it alone.

Global issues require a global response.

Global response requires international cooperation and collaboration. 

International cooperation and collaboration requires dialog, trust, and goodwill.

Dialog, trust, and goodwill requires a first courageous step.   

We need to put our petty differences behind us. 

History has shown us that it is easier to hate “other”.

What if there is no other?

Just us!

Think of ourselves as being on a small life raft together.

That life raft is earth and it is drifting in an ocean of space around the sun. 

Eight billion people in the same boat, facing the same threats.

Let’s work together to create a new paradigm for our protection, for our survival.  

To coexist on this tiny life raft of a planet.

Keeping it seaworthy, caring for its ecosystem, and making sure we are using our limited provisions wisely.

Using what we need rather than grabbing everything we can.

To sustain us on our long voyage. 

There is no other sane option. 

Let’s push our elected officials to end old deadly games.

Let’s push our elected officials to choose sane options.  

Let’s work together with all oars pulling toward a more peaceful, safe, and secure future.

For all!