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MalaysiaThese are random signs and messages I saw along the way during my travels. I don’t think they need explanation so I’ll just leave it to pictures except for picture of guy with 4 women…he’s the 4th king of Bhutan and they are his 4 wives. He will be 60 this year. His son, the 5th king, has only one wife…so far.



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  1. John,

    Very interestering.

    Fomer King Jigme Singye Wangchuck of Bhutan with his four Queens. Less
    The Royal Wedding Potrait of the 4th King, he married 4 sisters, he wanted to marry the young one, but as he could not do that before the older sisters were married, he had to mary all of them – no problem, the royal family was the only ones who could have long hair, everyone else in the kingdom had to have casserole hair
    Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  2. John
    One of the sign picture is a swastik(a).
    It should be explained to your readers that in hinduism this is a most common and significant symbol. It’s basic explanation is that it represent auspiciousness, and it means well being; Swas = Good, well, happiness, tika mean being. Over the years, I have been taught that it represent the basic elements of life, i.e earth, air, fire and ether and always in red. Either way, the symbol was never associated with harm, destruction or evil as it is symbolized in the western mind. Albiet, history suggests that it was adapted from India and misused in the west.
    Not withstanding western sensitivity, Indians use this symbol every where and everything. It is as common as the “Om” symbol. Most common places Swastika is found is at the door or entrance of any home or apartment, on wedding invitations and in religious ceremonies. Your stories certainly provide an insight in to how different the two cultures are, and amazingly even after 100 years of British colonial rule, the ancient culture is intact, from life to death as you witnessed in Varanasi. I hope your guide had you perform the surya namaskar on the ganges in Varanasi. Witnessing a sun rise in Varanasi (Benaras) only happens to the fortunate. I am envious!

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