The Bhutan Wrap Up

Although this is a more statistical, factual account of my 18 days in Bhutan, I think it will give you a sense for the country and the trip through it. Over my time in Bhutan I:

  • Stayed in 10 hotels
  • toured 20 temples
  • toured 10 dzongs (in my opinion, you’ve seen one dzong, you’ve seen them all)
  • drove 1600 kilmeters (960 miles). ( in a country that is only 150km tall and 300 km long)
  • hiked 101 kilometers (63 miles- uphill, downhill and sideways)
  • ate more rice than I’ve eaten in my previous 55 years
  • ate more chili peppers than I’ve eaten in my previous 55 years
  • saw 10,000 cows *
  • saw 50,000 dogs *
  • saw 100 yaks *
  • was at a low altitude of 200 meters
  • was a a high altitude of 4000 meters (12,000 ft)
  • hung a prayer flag
  • was blessed by a penis (this could be misinterpreted unless you read the previous post on hiking in Bhutan)
  • took my first hot stone bath (you don’t want to do this in Bhutan if you are modest)
  • had 1 terrible pizza
  • did not see one sunrise or sunset (mountains are in the way)
  • saw the moon and stars only 2 times since the mountains play with the clouds at night
  • had my first case of altitude sickness
  • read and learned a lot about Buddhism
  • escaped death on some of the craziest mountain roads I have ever seen
  • had dinner and ara with a former minister of the country (who I later learned was indicted for corruption and forced out of office). Actually a very nice guy and the experience made me question the judge in me.
  • saw more breathtaking views than you can shake a stick at (never understood this phrase or for that matter why people say “uncle” when they give up or concede)

* estimates

Bhutan is one beautiful country!


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  1. I strongly ported to the lack of pictures in your blogs. You spent 18 days in a beautiful country and all we get are 4 pictures? And inner of them is a bucket of kerosene chips and another is a bad beer?.

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